FIS | Construction Services

Original Equipment Rentals & Labor Source

Freeman Industrial Services, Inc. objective is to furnish the following equipment to service construction projects.  We have a range of products to offer (but not limited to) such as Excavators, Backhoe/Loaders, Trenchers, Scaffolding, Scissor  Lifts, Boom Manlifts, Forklifts, Air Compressors, Crane and Rigging, Construction/Roofing Materials, Fencing and Waste Dumpsters.  Manual Labor service is available, as well, when your construction project scope of work necessitate these needs.

FIS can provide all your rental needs including (but not limited to) Air Compressors, Forklifts, Boom Forklifts, Scaffolding and a wide inventory of Cranes and Rigging.

FIS | Labor Source

Freeman Industrial Services, Inc. Labor Source provides qualified temporary employees to businesses that need custom temp laborer solutions. Our Labor Source has 25+ years of expertise in the service business. They have developed a reputation of helping companies solve difficult temp labor challenges with consistent flexibility. Freeman Industrial Services, Inc. is ready to fill temporary roles at a moment’s notice and in some cases, we’ll provide employees with some of the b training that the job demands.

Freeman Industrial Services, Inc. Temporary Service employees roles are very conducive to the Construction Industry.

We furnish temp service employees who can clean equipment, clean up job sites, remove debris or meet the physical requirements to lift, carry and stack inventory or materials.

Freeman Industrial Services, Inc. temp worker hiring process and training standards ensures that our workers have a basic knowledge of safety in the workplace and are ready to perform on the job from day one.

Freeman Industrial Services, Inc. is confident that we can assist you in meeting your project’s goals where temporary services are required.

Our Temporary Employment can provide the following services (but not limited to):
  • Clean Up Crews
  • General Laborers
  • Other Skilled and Unskilled Roles also available